Amosa is aiming at providing world-class service to all of our customers, regardless what type of customer category they might fall in


A small, but technically adept Sales Team with proficient language/communication abilities provides quick, timely response/feedback to all inquiries and contacts

We’re ready to discuss with you in a wide variety of forms, first priority being e-mails, but also via phone, skype, MS Meeting, etc.

Product design/development/problem solving

With the help of R&D department, our Sales Team works closely together with our customers on identifying/designing/offering all products tailored to their specific needs

Flexibility in product customization

Ability to implement PPAP and other custom quality/reporting requirements

In case of any problems, quick, efficient communication and problem solving addressing and providing long-term solution to the issues on hand.

Logistical support

We use FOB terms with all our customers, but providing full service in arranging shipments, upon request.

Open to scheduled orders, forecasting

Great flexibility in providing custom packaging and labeling