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Established in 1978, is a well- known professional manufacturer of an ever increasing range of product lines – motor/alternator and other components, starter motors, tilt-trim motors, hydraulic pumps & actuators, power tilt-trim systems, steering systems and more – based in Taiwan. Our insistence of using the best materials while keeping our pricing affordable, and our strive to produce consistently high quality products have made us the leader on the market, serving the biggest importers in the USA and other countries, and have earned us the trust and business of various OEM manufacturers, as well.

Company/Product History

Company born – in 1978, three Brothers, Andy, Ray, and Duke Hsu established Hsiu Chiang Enterprise Company Limited (Amosa), producing simple stamped and other components. With hard work and dedication to quality, Amosa got in contact with and started to supply Starter Motor & Alternator components – among others – to multiple reputable manufacturers and also distributors/importers on the market.

Starter Motors – Already having ample experience in making components for Starter Motors & Alternators, and working together with some well-known business partners, Amosa entered the Starter Motor aftermarket itself in various segments – Marine, Lawn & Garden, ATV, PWC, and more. Not long after, the continuous strive for improved quality and using only the best materials available, Amosa gained an ever increasing good reputation among its customers.

Hydraulic Pumps/Tilt-Trim Motors – Answering an ever-increasing demand from aftermarket customers, Amosa developed a wide range of aftermarket Tilt-Trim motors, and by now is widely considered the manufacturer producing the best quality products in this segment. Having recruited a highly capable and strong engineering team, Amosa successfully developed several popular and well-sought-after models and now enjoys the trust and full support of some market leaders (Importers, major distributors) in multiple aftermarket areas.

Power Tilt & Trim (PTT) Units – Amosa has become one of the handful of companies world-wide that – working with highly reputable OEM customers - gained the experience and ability to successfully Design, Develop & Produce full, high-performance PTT Units, both single and multiple cylinder systems from scratch. Continually focusing on improving them to meet increasingly high quality requirements, Amosa is interested in helping OEM manufacturers of OutBoard Systems develop custom systems for their specific requirements.

Hydraulic Steering Systems and Others – The future – Amosa is constantly looking for opportunities to work with OEM manufacturers of products in virtually any industry that can utilize its experience and expertise in the field of small size Rotating Electric, Hydraulic pumps & systems, as well as our production capabilities ranging from stamping to sophisticated CNC machining, to develop and produce parts tailored to their needs and become a major supplier to them, establishing long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships.


After exhausting all possibilities for expansion in our long-term facilities, Amosa’s new manufacturing headquarters is currently under construction. The new, state-of-the-art Amosa factory is going to allow us to increase our capacity by far, and let us supply our customers without concerns about limitations of our possibility to grow with them.