Professional manufacturer

Hsiu Chiang Enterprise Company Limited (Amosa), established in 1978, is a well- known professional manufacturer of an ever increasing range of product lines – motor/alternator and other components, starter motors, tilt-trim motors, pumps,power tilt-trim systems, steering systems and more – based in Taiwan. Our insistence of using the best materials while keeping our pricing affordable, and our strive to produce consistently high quality products have made us the leader on the market of aftermarket products, serving the biggest importers in the USA and other countries, and have earned us the trust and business of various OEM manufacturers, as well.

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Our Products


what we offer

Design/Customization capabilities

Regardless if you want to choose a standard aftermarket product, a customized unit or a part designed from scratch just for you, Amosa has the engineering abilities and will do its very best to always give you the exact thing you need.

Reliable Mass Production

Receiving products in a consistent quality and at a predictable time is the key of all successful and long-term business relationships. Amosa offers consistent and reliable mass production, so you can plan for the future and rely on us for the units you need.

High Quality

Over the decades of its operation Amosa has gained the reputation of being one of the highest quality suppliers of various aftermarket product lines, which is the reason why we have become the main supplier to the market leaders in the segment – as well as gained the trust of multiple OEM customers.


We are striving to provide top-quality service to our customers, in various levels: quick, efficient and clear communication, great flexibility in product design and customization, speedy problem solving, flexibility in packaging, arranging shipments and more.