Using a modern ERP system to ensure consistent, well monitored flow of materials, processes and production stages.

Direct involvement in tooling design, development & maintenance to fully control our production tools.

We insist using only the highest quality materials to guarantee consistence in our production and quality.

Have established a multi-level web of subcontractors, with built-in redundancy, to make sure we always have the best access to materials, outsourced processes and components. This, combined with the ability of doing several processes and making various components in-house gives us a high level of flexibility in production-planning to avoid bottle-necks and improve capacity & lead-times.

Amosa is not afraid of investing in latest technology equipment to produce the highest quality parts, and to achieve high level of automation in order to ensure consistency, quicker, more reliable production at lower cost. To both secure the quality and in-house manufacturing, we have equipped several sets of CNC machines and tapping centers.