In AMOSA, we believe that quality is not coming from testing, but from production. Our aim is to make sure that what we produce is at the highest possible quality as is, and to do so

All company procedures are based on ISO9001 standards, with plans to work on higher quality standard accreditation in the near future

Before production, the BOM, including the smallest production steps and processes is carefully established in our modern ERP system

We make sure we use the best quality raw materials and basic components available

All production in-house is following full/strict SOP/SIP procedures and the highest possible level of automation, to avoid errors as much as possible

Further to producing to the highest quality, however, we ensure full quality control by: 

- Employing a dedicated and highly qualified QA/QC team

- Full and strictly followed quality control process established at the design stage, before starting      production of a new product and implemented to catch and eliminate any defects at every stage of the production process (IQC, IPQCS, PQC, FQC, OQC)

- Investing in a wide range of testing equipment: measuring jigs & gauges, in-production electronic testing machines, life-cycle and reliability testing equipment, etc.