Employing a capable, talented and highly trained team of Engineers with various expertise, and utilizing modern 2D/3D drawing/design tools, full in-house tooling/jigs work-shop, various functional and life-cycle testing equipment enables AMOSA to offer various levels of design/customization services to our customers as long as the volume requirements are sufficient:

Standard products/Direct copy of existing products

Thanks to decades of developing work, Amosa has the widest range of standard aftermarket motors/pumps and other units on the market.
As long as there are no patent issues, Amosa is highly capable of developing and producing direct replica of almost any existing product compatible to its existing lines.

Customized version of existing products

When using the standard aftermarket product is not possible for our customer due to some small dimensional discrepancy or the need of differentiating from others on the market, AMOSA is easily and quickly able to modify certain components of the standard product to provide exactly what the customer needs, or even to avoid some small patent issues.

Design from scratch/Complete redesign of existing products

Working closely with the customer’s engineer team, and based on dimensional and functional requirements provided by them, AMOSA is capable of helping design a custom product from scratch, fully tailored to the customer’s needs, or completely re-design an existing product, when possible, to avoid patent or other issues.